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Supplier Information

Working with Emeco International Pty Ltd

As a company operating in the global mining industry, it is important that suppliers to Emeco understand our procurement processes and operate to the same standards as we do within Emeco.

The following information has been developed for suppliers to help explain our procurement process and policies.

Sourcing, category management and supplier management for the provision of goods and services is managed at the most appropriate level within Emeco. This could be internationally, nationally or locally, depending on specific requirements of the supply arrangement.

Suppliers are required to adhere to specific health, safety, environment and community (HSEC) policies and procedures, consistent with Emeco's approach to HSEC. Suppliers are also responsible for reviewing related documents at the beginning of any supply relationship and ensuring that they adhere to the processes and / or procedures outlined as part of any supply arrangement.

Emeco International Pty Ltd operating protocols

Suppliers of goods and or services are required to comply with Emeco International Pty Ltd's following operating protocols:

Emeco's Code of Conduct and six core purchasing principles govern the way we purchase goods and / or services.

Our six core purchasing principles are:

1. Ethical Conduct

- Act within the law

- Avoid conflicts of interest

- Refuse inappropriate gifts

- Maintain confidentiality

- Obey Emeco policies

2. Purchase Order First

- In every instance, a valid purchase order must be provided by Emeco to a supplier at the time of placing an order for the supply of goods and/or services.

3. Value for Money

- Purchasing decisions are intended to lower "operating cost-per-hour". Lowest price does not always result in lowest operating cost over the long term.

4. Appropriate Use of Payment Methods

- Purchases are only made against valid purchase orders and in accordance with Emeco Payment Methods Policy.

5. Category Management

- We manage our purchases and supplier relationships through a category management approach and support those suppliers who support us within each category.

6. Centre-led Buying

- National procurement teams are responsible for category and vendor management, tendering, contracts and policy.

- Centralised regional buyers are responsible for raising and processing purchase orders against pre-qualified vendors using standard terms and conditions of purchase and/or forward purchase agreements.

Emeco International Pty Ltd Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Unless an overriding contract has been entered into with Emeco International Pty Ltd, all goods and services supplied to Emeco in Australia are supplied in accordance with our standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.


Emeco has an established Contractor Management System for reviewing and establishing contractor relationships in Australia.

Contractors are required to participate in an initial assessment, following which they are then required to complete a comprehensive online registration process, providing information related to:

  • Work experience, including expertise and scope of work previously performed
  • Historical OH&S performance, including injury statistics
  • Applicable qualifications, certifications, inductions etc. for all personnel involved in the supply of services
  • Applicable insurance and business certificates

On approval of their status as a registered contractor a confirmation letter will be sent via the Registration System. All updates to contractor details must be made online by the contractor directly.

More information

If you require any information regarding supplier or contractor relationships with Emeco, please contact your local branch.