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At Emeco, we believe that people are key to the success of any business and by investing in Emeco people, we support the success of individuals and teams working as part of our Company.

As such, we have an established strategy for Emeco people. It is referred to as "Empower".

Empower is all about delivering safe work practices and workplaces where Emeco people are empowered to achieve and succeed.

Empower is aligned to our global vision, values and overarching business strategy and is part of our annual planning and performance management processes.

As part of Empower, we annually survey Emeco people to determine how employees perceive the company to be performing in terms of organisational culture and our internal human resources-related systems and processes. This formal feedback process provides a point-in-time snapshot of the matters employees consider most important at Emeco, the areas in which the Company is performing well and the areas in which we need to improve.


Operating across Australia, Canada and Chile, Emeco's businesses are geographically and culturally diverse and we are focused on developing a workforce which reflects the diversity of the broader communities in which we operate.

In all Emeco workplaces, we are committed to equality and treating each other with respect.

During FY11 we established a group wide Diversity Policy and in FY12, in accordance with our Diversity Policy, we developed an internal Diversity Strategy and measurable objectives.

More information is available in Emeco's Annual Sustainability Report.

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